Hill Visits

What Are Hill Visits at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings?

REALTORS® schedule meetings on Capitol Hill to tell their story to Congress, and let policymakers know “Who We R” and what we care about, like:

  • Private property and homeownership rights
  • The value that REALTORS® bring to communities
  • The impact of real estate on the economy and the vital role it plays for consumers
  • The importance of property ownership in building safe communities, accessible to all

Kevin Sears and Shannon McGahn preview the May 7, 2024 Hill Visits.

When Do Hill Visits Happen?

Details regarding future Hill Visits will be posted once available.

How Do Hill Visits Help Shape Real Estate Policies and Benefit Consumers?

Legislators appreciate when REALTOR® constituents take time to visit the nation’s capital. A visit to Capitol Hill is an effective tool to build relationships, offer to be a resource and explain our position when Congress is considering an important piece of legislation.

During past visits, REALTORS® have talked to their legislators about a myriad of issues affecting homeowners, including the reauthorization of flood insurance, enhancements to home inventory and fair housing, the investment deadline extension for qualified opportunity zones, and additions to the Equality Act under Fair Housing.

Who Goes On Hill Visits?

Invited REALTOR® members, led by their Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs), will head to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to fight for private property and homeownership rights. GADs, AEs and state presidents also generally attend these meetings.