Multicultural Partners Advisory Group - REALTORS® Legislative Meetings
Multicultural Partners Advisory Group - REALTORS® Legislative Meetings



Multicultural Partners Advisory Group


The Multicultural Real Estate Leadership Advisory Group purpose is to collaborate in promoting and advocating for homeownership and other real estate issues by facilitating leadership level communications among and between the four organizations.


To identify public policy issues of importance to one or more of the Multicultural Organizations for action by NAR and/or the Network.

To develop joint or shared activities and programs, with measureable results.

To identify opportunities and offer support for, using REALTOR® Party tools in Action, inclusion of local chapters of Multicultural Organizations in local REALTOR® Association advocacy and leadership development activities.
To identify, encourage, and develop multicultural leadership within the profession.

To determine other areas, beyond advocacy, of cooperation among the four organizations.

To expand the network of consumer organizations participating in homeownership advocacy